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Jul 9, 2018, 

Abohar, July 8: In less than a week, one more breach occurred in Abulkhurana drain here on Sunday damaging cotton crops. About 25-ft-wide breach was reported in the drain that originates from the Lambi area. Farmer Om Parkash said the breach that developed near Sayeedwala village had damaged cotton crops spread over 25 acres of his family land, adding six other farmers were also affected. They joined him in plugging the breach.

However, drain water also overflowed in Kikkarkhera village and has posed a threat to some houses. A breach recently inundated cotton fields near Bahadurkhera and Dhaba Kokrian villages. After a report was carried by The Tribune, the state government next day released funds which were long awaited. Farmers said hyacinth that had spread over 5 km in the drain may trigger more breaches if ir rains this week. (Source: