Source: Bremen Cotton Exchange

30th May 2013

Against the background of slightly decreased prices, the demand rose a little during the reported week. Noteworthy amounts were sold especially in the medium staple range, even in the medium term, while sales positions in the long staple range were significantly smaller. According to reports, the interest focussed on U.S.-Upland-cotton again; any turnover was not reported on the Bremen Cotton Market though.

The following contracts were closed:

• Medium staple cotton: Cotton from West Africa was sold for prompt delivery as well as for the 3rd and 4th quarter 2013. Central Asian descriptions were ordered for the 3rd quarter 2013, while Greek cotton was promptly delivered.

• Long- and extra-long staple cotton: The following descriptions were ordered for prompt delivery: Egyptian Giza 86 + 88, Israel Pima, Sudan Barakat and California Acala SJV. Israel Acala was purchased for the 3rd quarter 2013. (Source: Bremen Cotton Exchange)