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Ticker News | NEW DELHI, APR 9 : Cotton Association of India (CAI) further lowered 2018-19 (Oct-Sep) to 32.1 million bales (1 bale = 170 kg) due to reduced crop in Telangana, the association President Atul Ganatra said Tuesday. CAI projected 2017-18 cotton output at 36.5 million bales. The CAI has estimated cotton crop for 2018-19 at 32.1 million bales which is lower by 700,000 bales than its previous estimate of 32.8 million bales last month, said Ganatra in a statement.

The CAI has reduced the crop estimate for Gujarat by 100,000 bales, Maharashtra by 80,000 bales, Telangana by 400,000 bales, Andhra Pradesh by 100,000 bales and Karnataka by 75,000 bales while have raised projection in Tamil Nadu and Odisha marginally. CAI also cut cotton export projection to 4.7 million bales down from earlier estimates of 5 million bales. The country exported 6.9 million bales in the previous year.

The association has estimated cotton output in north India, comprising of Punjab, Haryana, Upper and lower Rajasthan at 6.0 million bales. In central India that includes Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, output is estimated to be 18.29 million bales. Output in south zone comprising of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, cotton production is seen at 7.37 million bales. Output from Odisha and some other states is seen at 430,000 bales.

With opening stock of 2.8 million bales on October 1, 2018 and estimated imports of around 2.7 million bales the total availability is seen at 37.6 million bales as against 41.6 million bales a year ago, Ganatra said. The association has pegged the country's total domestic consumption at 31.6 million bales in 2018-19, slightly down from 31.9 million bales in the previous year. With estimated exports of 4.7 million bales total demand is seen at 36.3 million bales.

Closing stock of the natural fibre at the end of 2018-19 is estimated at 1.3 million bales as compared to 2.8 million bales in the previous year, said Ganatra. – End – (Source: TickerNews Service)