1. Farmer Coordination Committee –

COTAAP regularly organises FCC meetings with the objective of imparting knowledge and technology to the cotton farmers. These committees serve as good forums for farmers where their problems and challenges are addressed and their successes are shared for the benefit of other farmers.

  1. Soil Testing –

COTAAP has made Soil Card compulsory for all farmers. COTAAP facilitates sample collection and the data analysis has enabled farmers to use fertilizer judiciously thereby decreasing their cost. 

  1. Shetkari Unnati Melawa-Farmer Development Program –

COTAAP organises Shetkari Unnati Melawa to provide the latest trends in farm technology, production practices and pest management. Melawas are organized at the beginning of the cotton season.

  1. Distribution of Cotton bags/ Clean Cotton Harvest –

Clean Cotton Harvest was an initiative promoted by COTAAP. As a part of this initiative, cotton bags are distributed to avoid contamination. This is to encourage good post-harvest practices and supply cleaner cotton as per industry standards.

  1. Feedback Survey –

Farmers are asked to fill the feedback forms during the post-harvest season and mention the challenges they faced. The feedback forms provide data on - cost of production, yield of cotton on their demonstration plot, etc. Evaluation of this data helps analyse the effectiveness of COTAAP schemes like - FLD scheme, shift in cultivation practices, factors for increase in cost of cultivation and comparative study of cotton hybrids. This further helps in formulation of future activities of COTAAP.

  1. High Density Planting System –

HDP is a technology that encourages farmers to plant more plants/hectare by reducing the gap between two plants. HDPS is implemented in a number of the farms in Chopda due to which the cost of cultivation has reduced by 15% and yield has increased by 30%.

  1. Bamboo staking–

COTAAP introduced the bamboo staking production method – an innovative production technology, that ensures maximum exposure of foliage to the sunlight leading to increase in yield and giving farmers better returns.